The business environment today dictates the way in which we must provide the highest quality products, at less cost, and in less time than our competitors. We believe this is accomplished through strengthening the relationships with our customers, business partners, and our employees.

Our facilities have grown from 3000 sq. ft. to 125,000 sq. ft., and our original team of three employees has grown to 3 shifts of skilled professionals since our inception. We have new boilers and compressors, each with back ups on site ready in case of a break down, providing us the redundancy to keep your project moving forward. Our multiple automated barrel and rack lines allow us to handle the highest volume jobs.

We also have the capacity and capabilities for addressing unique and custom coating processes of small runs and prototypes. We can use the prototype testing results to immediately transition to quantities in the tens of thousands. We can E-Coat the smallest of parts and/or products to powder coating of parts up to thirty (30) feet in length.

Lastly, our on-site waste treatment system treats our waste water making us not only a responsible corporate partner to our neighbors, but also a company who is environmentally conscious.